How AuditFile Works

AuditFile works the way you work, helping CPA firms run more efficient audits, improving process visibility, and constantly innovating to make your work easier and more valuable to your clients.

Auditor Experience

You shouldn’t have to take a class to learn software that's meant to help you do your job. AuditFile’s intuitive interfaces, collaborative workflow, and simple onboarding process will have an immediate impact on your audits.

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Manager Insights

Real-time dashboards and progress indicators keep managers informed, while streamlined workflows and approvals keep the audit process on track. Managers gain a new level of visibility, communication, and control.

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Firm Performance

At the end of the day, it’s all about results. With AuditFile, your firm can achieve up to 20% greater efficiency than with traditional software tools.

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Client Impact

Efficient audits make clients happy. AuditFile doesn’t just streamline your process; it improves the final results and service your firm delivers.

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